Join Peer to Peer to meet and talk with each other about how each of us can make a difference on campus – to help end sexual violence and create stronger community.

Our goal is to educate our fellow peers and get them involved in the conversation about whats going on their turf across America. As an ambassador, you will have to power to make a change for yourself, your fellow peers and future students.


I pledge to create a safer campus community by working together with all my classmates and future classmates.

To promote the conversation and practices of consensual sex.

To end sexual violence on campus by spotting sexual assault situations and protecting others and myself in non-consensual situations.


Take the Pledge
Help us rid your community of sexual violence by joining our team!

Spread the Word
Talk to other about date rape, consensual sex, and non-consensual situations. We will provide you with materials to promote on campus and encourage conversation.

Spot It & Stop It
Bystander Intervention is one of the most useful tools students have to prevent rape and to communicate about sexual violence on campus.

Build Your Community
Talk to both male and female students, upper and lower classmen on their opinions and how they can affect better change and build a safer and stronger community with you.

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