Most men are opposed to violence against women, but most don’t know how to spot it or stop it. If males are treated as potential perps, they can become defensive and less willing to participate in the prevention process.

Enlisting males all supporters and participants in the prevention of sexual violence is key to eliminating sexual violence against women. This can happen by changing social norms, to which men have a significant role is shaping those that surround sexual violence.

Males tend to have a group pack mentality. They are more likely to intervene in sexually violent situations when they think that other men would do the same. Unfortunately, college male students underestimate how uncomfortable sexual violence makes their peers, which results a more disregard to intervene. That is why we should change what the group thinks and respect and reward those men who do intervene and interrupt abusive behavior.

One of the key influences of change that comes from Bystander Intervention is communication, about the subject, sexual violence, how to stop it and how to change it. Male bystanders can spread more change by talking to other male bystanders about the issues at hand, social norms, and how elevate themselves from the group norms of acceptance of sexual violence and abusive behaviors.

Starting with those in high school and college, with the potential of future generations, we can all, both men and women, end the social norms supporting rape culture. Men can influence their peers that women are not something to be used and bruised. Men can share the voice women have and prevent rape on campuses, a problem that is too common. By doing so, men are contributing to a much safer and comfortable environment for him, his peers, and the opposite sex.